Travel Insurance Advisory – L&B Travel

Travel Insurance Advisory

Dear Guests,

We sincerely hope that your vacation plans go smoothly, enjoyably, and uninterrupted. However, it's always important to be prepared for a "rainy day."

We strongly urge you to purchase some form of travel insurance policy at time of booking or immediately after your non-refundable deposit has been made (when applicable.)

Our agency can supply you with comprehensive travel insurance coverage, or you can certainly arrange a policy on your own. Whatever you decide, please don't travel without travel insurance, especially internationally.

Please ask us for more details on travel insurance.

If you are interested in purchasing travel insurance, please send us an e-mail as soon aspossible letting us know and we will provide a travel insurance quote to cover your trip.

Travelguard Coronavirus Advisory

Thank you and enjoy your trip!

L & B Travel