Know Before You Go – L&B Travel

Know Before You Go


Thank you for booking your trip with L & B Travel! Before you go, please review the following checklist as soon as possible (preferably no later than 4 weeks before your departure ) and reply back answering these questions to ensure a smooth departure experience:

  1. Have you downloaded your Airline(s) App(s) onto your cell phone to retrieve and manage your booking in order to:
    1. View or purchase your seats
    2. Add TSA precheck information, if applicable
    3. Add your frequent flyer #s
    4. Add passport or other ID docs
    5. Add all contact info
    6. Set up and monitor fight notifications regarding flight schedule or gate changes or flight cancellations. Monitor your reservation for any pop up upgrade opportunities directly on Airline website (for an additional cost). Track your bags en route and know their location if delayed or missing. (we recommend packing up to 2 days of extra clothes/accessories in your carry-on luggage)
  2. Please send us any relevant TSA precheck information (KTN # and/or global entry #) if you have not yet provided these to us yet.
  3. Please request any additional travel services such as airport transfers, trains, tours or special requests at least 4 weeks prior to your departure or as soon as possible. These services are on-request, pending availability. If requesting these services fewer than 3 weeks prior to departure date, we cannot guarantee sufficient turnaround time to coordinate with hotels, rail and/or tour providers.
  4. Have you purchased Travel Insurance to cover yourself for medical emergencies (midtrip) and also your Covered NonRefundable Trip expenses, covered Travel Delays or covered travel interruptions before and during travel ?
  5. Have you received and reviewed all your Electronic Travel Documents or Travel Vouchers and double checked them for accuracy (check spelling of names, travel dates, flight times, hotel reservations, and review transfer pickup instructions, tour, and travel insurance coverage)? Once you reach your destination, please ensure you reconfirm all tour, activity and transfer services 24-48 hours prior to the service start time and in the morning in your local time zone.
  6. Have you double checked that all your passports are still valid 6 months past the last day of your trip?
  7. Have you made us aware if you are celebrating any special occasion, so we can alert your hotels?
  8. Please be advised that Airport Security lines are long these days. In addition, many airlines are delaying or even canceling flights system-wide. We urge you to be better prepared for these situations by:
    • Arriving at the Airport at least 3 hours before your scheduled flight departure.
    • Downloading the App with all your airline booking loaded and ready to view at any time / receive notifications. ( most of these apps also help you track your luggage for peace of mind)
    • Making sure you have sufficient travel insurance to cover any unforeseen covered travel or midtrip medical emergencies, delays, or interruptions.
  9. Please keep in mind that we are not a 24/7 agency and we do sleep at night :)
    • Should anything arise outside of our business hours: MON–FRI 9AM–5PM, we ask you to refer to the direct vendor or mid trip contact phone #s for assistance located on your travel documents. Please do not wait for us to wake up and see your email in our time zone when it might already be too late to meet a tour operator’s 24 hour cancellation deadline, for example.
    • If you have a midtrip flight schedule change or cancellation, the airline would be the first to re-accommodate you online or at the airport. If the airline is unable to get you to your next destination within a reasonable amount of time, please call the mid-trip number located on your travel documents (they are often open while we are asleep!).
    • Your hotel concierge or front desk can also help you dial this number if you need further assistance. Contacting L & B Travel after hours or while we are asleep in our local time zone should be a very last resort if you have already tried both of the options above and need further assistance.

We wish you an amazing and safe travel experience!