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International Travel Checklist


It is the responsibility of the passenger to check up-to-date Covid-19 entry and test timelines/quarantine requirements for both your connecting cities and at final destination(s).

A Covid test that must be taken within the last 72 hours before arrival, for example, may be required upon entry. More Covid testing may be required once you reach your destination every few days.

Please wear a mask while outside of your hotel room, which includes but is not limited to airports, planes, trains/buses/ boats, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and public spaces as per the destination's requirements.

L & B Travel is not responsible for any Covid related travel disruptions or entry restrictions/ changes at destination before or during travel. It is important that the passenger(s) monitors all travel announcements/ updates daily especially related to Covid. Airline Ticket changes or cancellations can incur fees. Travel Insurance will not cover disruptions before or during Travel due to Covid reasons.

1. Passports must be valid 6 months past complete travel dates. Scan a copy of your passports and email to yourself before you go.

Make Passport Appt at Burbank Clerk's Office

Make Passport Appt with USPS

2. Review your travel documents as soon as you get them and make sure all information (passport names, etc.) is correct. Make sure you understand how to access train tickets, hotel vouchers, hotel/ airport/train transfers, tours, and travel insurance. Please do this as soon as documents arrive at your home or email so we have enough time to take action on any missing or incorrect documents. Note that flight schedules can change up until the day of departure, so it is always a good idea to do a flight status check on the day of departure.

3. Trains: If you need to change a scheduled train departure, please approach the nearest rail station as far in advance as possible before your scheduled train to try and exchange your ticket(s) for your new train time. Your train ticket will lose value if you are a noshow on your scheduled train and did not attempt to exchange it before original departure at the local train station. We cannot touch existing train reservations from the USA once you are in Europe. Train stations are best!!

4. Exchange some local currency before you go: https://

5. Make sure you arrange for GPS or iPad access if renting a car.

6. Transfers: Airport/Train/Hotel transfers and tours must be reconfirmed 24-48 hrs before the specified time and early in the morning, on a business day in your local time zone. Simply approach your hotel concierge and ask them to call the number on your vouchers (they can also speak to them in the local language). We (in the USA) cannot reconfirm, change, or cancel transfers once your trip begins as transfer companies require 3 or more days notification in advance and also need to be contacted in the early morning by phone in your local time zone (which is typically already late at night for us in California). For transfer and tour reconfirmations by phone, they will tell you the exact meeting place and time to meet your driver or join your tour.

7. Viator lists their tour or transfer companies on the travel vouchers provided. After collecting your bags, please make your way to their designated station located at the airport or to a driver holding a sign. They often provide you with a return transfer confirmation along with instructions. Airport/Hotel transfers and tours must be reconfirmed 24-48 hrs before the specified time and early in the morning, on a business day in your local time zone by approaching your hotel concierge and having them make these calls/ reconfirmations for you in advance. Please do not call or email the United States to confirm or change the time of your transfers. This must be done locally.

8. Travel Insurance: If you purchased a travel insurance policy with us (currently required for international travel), and you think you might have a potentially covered claim during your trip, please save all extra expense receipts and reports from doctor/hospital or local authorities pertaining to your claim to submit upon your return to the USA.

9. Hotel Check-In Time: Please expect a check-in time as late as 4PM at your hotel, especially overseas. If you should arrive earlier, please ask your hotel to store your belongings until your room is ready. We recommend you pre-pack any swimwear or other necessities that you can easily access while you wait for your room. There is limited flexibility with a 4PM check-in time.

10. Cancellations prior to departure: If you need to cancel a complete package or Hotel and we are closed, there is an after hours/ emergency phone # included in your travel documents. Please call this number with any urgent matters related to changes or cancellations especially if it is outside of our business hours of 9AM to 6PM MON-FRI. If your reason for cancellation is covered by a travel insurance policy you purchased with us, please contact the travel insurance company to start a claim. Phone # can be found on your Travel Insurance confirmation. You can start the insurance claim a few days later, but it is urgent that you cancel your package with the vendor before your departure.

11. Seats: If you need to add or modify seat assignments on your flights, the airlines open up more seats free of charge at time of check-in online 24 hrs prior to departure. We do our best to reserve seats in advance but are very limited with the seat selection free of charge and as airline permits. You can often opt to pay for and guarantee preferred seats anytime after the reservation has been made. Airlines fees for specific seat assignments vary from approx $30 to $150 per seat / per person / per direction. Status with one particular airline always helps!

12. Email : is the best and fastest way to reach us during your trip. We do sleep at night in our local time zone. We reply to any urgent emails that arrive during the night in the morning.

13. Please anticipate the following possible extra fees at a hotel:

A. WiFi

B. Hotel Parking and Resort fees

C. A municipality / local often appears on your hotel vouchers.

14. Many hotel rooms in Europe are small. Please use the hotel concierge for local directions and have them make phone calls for you to help you with reconfirmations and provide misc. information.

15. Check on Vaccination and Visa requirements for your foreign destination.

16. Review the U.S. Government Travel Checklist: https:// as well as the Covid requirements in your destination: content/travel/en/traveladvisories/COVID-19-Country-Specific-Information.html

17. You can leave our contact info with your family so we can help them reach you if urgent.

18. When applicable, download the airline's app to your phone for e easy check-in, flight status updates, and free WiFi onboard.

19. Tell us all about your trip when you return!