Covid Information & Resources:

It is the responsibility of the passenger to check up-to-date Covid-19 entry and test timelines/quarantine requirements for both your connecting cities and at final destination(s). A Covid test that must be taken up to 48 hours before arrival may be required. More Covid testing may be required once you reach your destination. As of January 25th, 2021, all passengers returning to the United States will be required to test for Covid in their destination before boarding their return flight. Please plan accordingly. L & B Travel is not responsible for any Covid related travel disruptions or entry restrictions/changes at destination before or during travel. It is important that the passenger(s) monitors all travel announcements/updates daily especially related to Covid. Airline Ticket changes or cancellations can incur fees. Travel Insurance will not cover disruptions before or during Travel due to Covid reasons.

***Covid Test required for Rentry to USA after JAN 25, 2021:

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